NexGen Portable Stage Design Ideas

By admin / October 19, 2017

Every big event requires a proper stage, which leads to the need to rent Portable stage platforms. Audiovisual equipment and services that run efficiently, are interesting and are well organized can be a tremendous increase to your credibility. One underrated element of any effective event is the NexGen portable stage design.

​The goal of any event is to present details that either educates the audience or persuades them about the viability of particular goods or services. In instruction to do so, you need to initially draw them in and ensure that they stay engaged for the duration of your discussion. To this end, effective portable stage design, with the right audio visual innovation in proper places and upheld by aesthetically-pleasing visual backdrops, can make or break a conference in term of speaking with its audience.

Old School Stage Designs

Anyone who has had the opportunity to attend a theater, will realize that not all are the same, as the stage change according to the architectural design of the place. The stage is the place where the plays are presented, and something that characterizes them is that they are above the audience, so that each and every one of the spectators can appreciate the spectacle without battling.

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Different types of theatrical Stages:

  • Italian style Stage: The public prostrate in front, can be in the form of horseshoe, with curtains on the sides, leaving the sides free.
  • Elizabethan style Stage: Typical style of the Elizabethan era, where the public prostrate on foot on wooden platforms, where now are the seats.
  • Arena style stage: With a distribution of the audience, around the stage.
  • Lab style stage: Random distribution of the audience, use in experimental theater workshops.
  • Open stage: These scenarios are those that are outdoors and are usually found in parks and squares.

There are several types of stages, which are currently built, and each of them has its peculiarity, and adaptation to the building where it was built.

NexGen Portable Stage Design

The quality of the spectacle portable stage design is not only a spectacular lighting and excellent, clean sound. All this would not be so valuable and important if it were not for the safety of artists, sound technicians and technical workers on and around the stage. It's security that allows them to focus on the spectacle and provide great fun.

Modules are made of lightweight aluminum and non-slip plywood. The profile itself is adjustable so you can easily set up on the even on uneven ground or oblique terrain. The people interested in renting the podiums pay attention to aesthetics. The platform itself is not unique among the hundreds of other platforms, so you need to combine the platforms with the building. (see google doc) This makes them very well presented. Platforms can be equipped with protective barriers, buildings, chairs and aluminum beams with lighting and sound. Thanks to the modular construction, the platforms can be freely combined to create catwalks, stages, stands or podium. Check this site to read more ​​staging Hire

The aluminum crossbars designed stage can be used for both indoor and outdoor places. You can even use them as a canopy of the stage, ramps for suspension of sound and lighting, and they are used for the arrangement of stands. Also read here ​indoor stage hire

Traverses can be placed both indoors and in tents and in the open air. They are easy to install and durable. These solutions have been successfully used in theaters, conventions, festivals, concerts and fashion shows.

About NexGen Portble Staging offers NexGen portable staging platforms with standard dimensions and configurations as well as for sophisticated needs for large artistic undertakings. Our customers are primarily concerned with safety, so we have ensured that our NexGen portable stage platforms meet all standards. These platforms are certified safety and meet the requirements of the fire regulations.

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